2004 (June - Dec.)
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Dec. 30:  PCJ's open mic goes out on top

More than 100 people -- including 20 performance acts -- attended the grand finale of Port City Java's Open Mic Night, held Thursday, Dec. 30.

Right to the end, the show attracted a first-time performer.  Plenty of old friends from Dom's 21-month run as host / co-host also showed up.

Counting the opening hour-long set by co-host Kris Noyes and his former bandmates Lisa and Maryann, and the "overtime" period brought on by having so many performers, the last Open Mic Night featured nearly five hours of great music.

We could've played into the wee hours of the morning -- we had to close sign-ups at 9 p.m. because there were already 20 acts on the list -- but the coffeeshop had to shut its doors for the night at some point.

Thanks to everyone who made it grow into South Jersey's largest weekly coffeeshop open mic.  Because of you, we went out on top.

Dec. 11:  More with S.P. ... more on the way?

Dom sat in with electric blues guitarist Steven Paul for the second time in 2004 and third time overall on a Saturday night in Deptford.  The show was well-attended, but the big news is about the future.

Steven is auditioning for a spot in a summer festival at the shore in 2005.  Good luck, Steven!

Aug. 14:  Packed in at the Port City Jam

This year's Port City Jam was huge success, thanks to the fantastic performances of the featured musicians.

Linsey Snyder brought out a standing-room-only crowd for her first-ever gig, which included a handful of her own songs.  Linsey has supported PCJ's open mic for the past few months, and it was great to hear her perform a full set on a Saturday night.

Eileen & Jamey followed with an array of pop covers that refilled the seats with more fans.  Eileen has been a stage actress in local productions for years, but this was her and Jamey's first music-only gig at Port City Java.

Dom was honored to open and close a fantastic show for these very talented musical acts.

Aug. 2:  Grape Street reopens

The owners of the former Grape Street Pub have renovated a much larger facility and opened the new Grape Street Philadelphia (
check out the new Web site here).

And Monday, Aug. 2, was the first advertised Open Mic Night at the new location on Main Street in the Manyunk section of Philadelphia.

Of course, Dom attended and performed.  After all, the first open mic he played was at the old GSP on March 4, 2002 -- and his first booked show was that same year (July 5) at the GSP.

Dom reminisced by playing "Hum a Few Bars," which he had done at the first open mic, and then broke out "Two Lights at a Time," a song that has a special connection to Philly.

Congratulations to the owners and staff of GSP for unveiling a fantastic venue, and to Dom's friend Tom Gillam for returning to host the GSP open mic.

June 19:  The Steven Paul Blues Show II

The third Saturday in June brought Steven Paul back to Port City Java for a show ... and Dom sat in for a night of electric-guitar-driven blues and rock.

It was the second time Dom joined Steven for a performance.  Rehearsals were easier this time (because Dom didn't have to learn the songs from scratch), and the show itself at Port City Java was a little longer than the previous performance.  The turnout was better, too!

Steven and Dom ended the show with a stripped-down set -- meaning there were no drums and bass backing tracks -- that the late crowd really enjoyed.  Just two guys playing guitars.

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