Mar. 13, 2004
Port City Java
Deptford, N.J.

For the first time since July 12, 2003 -- eight months ago! -- Dom played a full night's show at his most frequently visited venue.  Even friends who'd attended plenty of Dom's open mic sets encountered songs they'd never heard before (always a plus!).

The show was structured a bit differently than previous ones at PCJ, because Dom saved his more narrative songs for hour three, which was basically "story hour" with a couple of album cuts thrown in.  It turned out to be a fun way to wind down the night -- and will probably become a regular feature of long PCJ shows.

- - Set 1 - -
         The Punchline
          The Prettiest Girl in the Bar
          Bring Out Your Dead
          Black-and-White Rainbow
          If I Get There First
          Not Supposed to Like
          Hum a Few Bars
- - Set 2 - -
          King of Somewhere
          Fast Asleep
          The Devil's Wheels
          Yellow Lines
          One Less Chance
          Lightning Struck
          Two Lights at a Time
- - Set 3 - -
          Everyone Calls Me Jerry
          From the Delaware to the Sea
          Jugglers and Fire Eaters
          Rule in Hell
          For What It's Worth
          The Prettiest Girl in the Bar
          Hum a Few Bars

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