2005 (Jan. - June 20)
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June 20:  Marathon recording days go well

A pair of 12-hour sessions yielded first mixdowns for 11 songs, plus parts of a few others still waiting.

After getting a great first impression in April, Dom was back at Blackwood Recording on June 15 and June 20, working from noon 'til midnight with Jamie Myerson.  Thank goodness for energy bars and bottled water!

Some fine material is emerging, including a six-minute arrangement of the oft-requested "Say Hi to Angelo's" (the recording has harmonica and a beautifully toned upright piano that lives in Jamie's studio).

Now for the time-consuming part:  listening, setting aside for a while, listening again, setting aside for a while again, etc.

Stay tuned ...

Apr. 21:  Studio session at Blackwood Rec.

Right before his pharyngitis hit, Dom had the opportunity to record with Jamie Myerson at his pro studio in Blackwood, N.J., called Blackwood Recording.

The impetus for the session on April 21, was a non-commercial project for a friend, but there was enough extra time to do a few rough cuts of other songs for Dom's mythical second album.  In total, Dom and Jamie recorded unfinished, unmastered demos for about half of the planned songlist.

Apr. 5:  Millville's Red Apple music scene grows

Dom had the opportunity to sit in with Nick Marley on Tuesday, April 5, for a half dozen songs during Nick's weekly show at the Red Apple Lounge in Millville, N.J.

Nick plays both electric and acoustic guitar and is one of the many regional musicians who are supporting this new venue -- and the venue is returning the favor.  Manager Dan Godbey welcomes performers six nights a week, and Dom has taken advantage of the many opportunities to get into the mix.

In addition to an impromtu set with Nick on the 5th, Dom has performed at Monday's songwriters' night, Thursday's open mic, and made his feature-show debut with a three-hour blast on a Wednesday back in March.  Upcoming in mid-April is Dom's first Friday night performance at the Apple.

Feb. 12:  Cyber Cafe's first event a success

More than 40 people attended the debut entertainment event at the Main Street Cyber Cafe in Glassboro, N.J.

The multi-media coffeeshop -- which boasts a big-screen TV with DVD player, music stereo with surround sound, computer terminals with high-speed Internet connections, laser printer, scanner, wi-fi access, and a guitar amp in the corner -- had been open for a few weeks but had not held any formal events.

This Saturday night brought Dom to the venue to perform for a bit and then host an open mic.  The turnout, both in total attendees and in open-mic performance acts (seven) were high for a first-time event, and the owners were pleased with the results.

Keep your eyes and ears open for possible shows at this location ... and if you're in Glassboro, check out the place for yourself!

Jan. 14:  Opening new year as opening act

Dom's first show of 2005 took place at Eleven East Cafe in Glassboro, N.J.

Already getting a reputation as a popular location for hard rock on Saturday nights, Eleven East began this year with a new Friday-night series featuring a greater variety of music ... including some folk-rock-blues hybrids like Dom!

This Friday night saw Dom play an hour-long set ahead of the band Type: Subterranean, a rock trio based in South Jersey.  This was the first booked show at the Glassboro hot spot for either Dom or T:S ... perhaps the future holds a return performance.

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