Mar. 5, 2005
Crescent Moon
Mullica Hill, N.J.

Dom was honored to lead off the "Saturdays Sizzle" series at Crescent Moon Coffee & Tea.  The new venue kicked off a full slate of weekly performances in March 2005 by booking Dom for a show.

At the owner's request, this was a folk-'n'-blues show (you'll notice the variety) with a couple of covers per set.  Two crazy ladies requested a silly song for an encore ... enter the debut of "The Knittin' Song."

- - Set 1 - -
         Hum a Few Bars
          Not Supposed to Like
          Slowly By
          Say Hi to Angelo's
          The Thrill Is Gone
(B.B. King cover)
          One Less Chance
          Gettin' So Big
          Thunder Road
(Bruce Springsteen cover)
          The Prettiest Girl in the Bar
- - Set 2 - -
          King of Somewhere
          Fast Asleep
          Cat Out of Water
          Life by the Drop
(Stevie Ray Vaughan cover)
          Like a Rollin' Stone / All Along the Watchtower medley
(Bob Dylan covers)
          Best Kind of Everything
          Two Lights at a Time
- - Encore (by request;  and, no, Dom will never live it down) - -
          The Knittin' Song

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