Dom's trip to the 2006 Midwest Music Summit

NOTE FROM DOM:  I'm breaking this into six "chapters" so the screens won't scroll seemingly forever.  So you know what to look forward to:

Chapter 1:  No orchestra
Chapter 2:  I'd live there
Chapter 3:  A full day of music
Chapter 4:  Misses and souvenirs
Chapter 5:  Why I didn't need that last cab ride
Chapter 6:  Dom = Cowbell

Also, I'm gonna do this as a first-person account, almost as if I were keeping a journal (I wasn't), but hopefully more interesting to read than someone's diary.

For instance, here's how the story begins ... not how the
trip begins, but how the story begins:

Chapter 1:  No orchestra

Dan and his wife Beth thought it would be interesting to go to an ABBA tribute concert in Indianapolis on the night of Friday, Aug. 11.

Neither of them really liked ABBA that much, even when the group was hot 30 years ago, but as Dan explained, "I thought they would have the orchestra."

No orchestra.

After a couple of songs, Dan and Beth did a disappearing act on ABBA and wound up walking through the Broad Ripple Village section of the city.  It was 9:30 p.m., and Monon Coffee Company was open until 10 p.m., so they stopped in for a beverage and noticed the microphone stands and speakers still upright from six hours of performances.

"Is there music here tonight?"  Beth asked.

"There was, earlier today," came the answer ...

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