2006 (Jan. - May)
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May 4:  New album, Big changes
The first week of May is shaping up to be a very dynamic time for Dom's music.

For starters, domrocks.com has undergone a major redesign.  The pages were tested in late April and went live in the wee hours of the morning on Thursday, May 4.

Two days earlier, Dom launched a MySpace page that you can visit
here AND reviewed and approved artwork for the pressing of Along the Way.

Plans for the next couple of months include turning MySpace into a radio station of sorts by rotating the 12 songs from
Along the Way in pairs until all songs have received one week of streaming "airplay."  This will be a way for fans to sample the entire album in streaming format before the CD is made available for sale.  The target date for beginning the uploading of new songs is Monday, May 15.

April 29:  Visiting the Phila. Songwriters Alliance
Dom's friend Russ Edwards invited him to a Philadelphia Songwriters Alliance house concert on the last Saturday of April.

Held in Cherry Hill -- the PSA's South Jersey stop in its house concert circuit -- Russ was one of three headliners to perform a songwriters "in the round" show.  As a featured artist, Russ had the opportunity to bring along a few folks, and Dom was glad to be one of them.

The night included an open mic, and Dom got a chance to play "The Song with the Cheesy Rhymes" for many new listeners.  The response was very positive, and Dom might be popping up at PSA events in the future.

March 27:  Mastering the prospective album

It's a good feeling to shake hands with one of the most highly regarded mastering engineers in the Delaware Valley and give him your CD.

After 14 recording sessions and another five mixing-only days (totaling more than 120 hours!), Dom brought the finished product to Peter Humphreys of Philadelphia's Masterwork Recording on Monday, March 27.  The all-day affair involved Peter putting Dom's 12 songs through the rigors of different speaker systems, all while enhancing the frequency response of the recordings.  In other words, it sounds better!

Now, the difficult part:  What do you do once you have a mastered CD in your hands? ...

March 25:  Dom joins a friend to play harmonica

For the first time, Dom was scheduled to perform at a show on an instrument other than guitar.

Kris Noyes asked Dom to ride along for a gig on Saturday, March 25, at Brewed Attitude in Hamilton, N.J.  Kris was booked to headline the two-hour performance with his array of classic rock covers, and Dom leant some wailin' harp to about half of the evening's playlist.

Some songs from the duo sets:  Bruce Springsteen's "The River" and "Waiting on a Sunny Day";  Bob Dylan's "Just Like a Woman" and "Like a Rollin' Stone";  The Traveling Wilburys' "Handle with Care"; and The Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want," among others.

Dom is on the schedule to appear at Brewed Attitude in the future with his guitar, but for one night, it was fun to be "in the band" playing lead!  Perhaps some more performances with Kris are on the horizon.

Jan. 5:  More than recording at special session

The latest trip to Blackwood Recording included a special guest:  photographer Grace Reiter.

Sound engineer extraordinaire Jamie Myerson allowed Dom to turn the Jan. 5 session into a photo shoot and also agreed to be in some of the pictures.  So, Dom split time between singing a few tracks and then posing with most of the instruments that have made their way into a song:  guitar, harmonica, piano and even the bass drum.  Grace then got a few shots of Jamie working at his console.

But the session wasn't all about pictures.  The day ended with a careful mix of the 20th song recorded since the sessions began in June 2005.  Of those 20, a dozen look like they're forming an album.

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