2006 (June - July)
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July 11:  High on the Hog
Hog Whitman gave Dom’s music a plug on the revamped Hog Whitman website.

Hog is a musician, critic and comedian best known for his appearances on Don Imus’ nationally syndicated morning radio show “Imus in the Morning” ...  a pretty talented guy, that Hog fellow.

Dom and Hog met at GarageBand.com in 2003.  Actually, that’s not entirely true.  Dom and Hog met
when they got in a huge bulletin-board flame war at GarageBand.com in 2003.  To make a long story short, they grew to like each other and have since exchanged albums.

When Hog decided to re-launch his website in mid-2006, he began the task of redesigning it to encompass more than his own music.  The site now includes some of his commentary, criticism and spotlights of other musicians. 
Click here to see a blog about Dom with a link to streaming audio that appeared this week.

You may also
click here for the site home page.  A word of caution:  Hog’s humor is edgy and not for everyone.  OK, you’ve been warned.  Visit at your own risk.

Thanks, Hog!

July 8:  More hot air than usual at a show
Dom performed an entire two-hour show doing nothing but blowing on his harmonicas.  Thankfully, he wasn’t alone.

Kris Noyes invited Dom to be part of a two-man band for Kris’ gig at Brewed Attitude in Hamilton, N.J., on a Saturday night.  The pair had performed in this capacity before, but never for a full show.

All told, Kris selected almost 20 songs from his repertoire that could be adapted for one of Dom’s three harmonicas.  Some songs sounded quite polished, while others were more of a fun jam. And best of all, there were no glaring boo-boos in the performance (always a good sign).

Dom also performed two songs from his new album Along the Way while Kris took a break from singing in the middle of the night.  “Wish You Were Here” and “Lost Along the Way” went over pretty well, and some in the audience sang along at the end of WYWH.

June 7:  Recent multi-performer shows
The past handful of days included two share-the-bill performances, each with implications for future feature shows.

First, Dom got a 20-minute audition at Kaffa Crossing in Philadelphia as part of the coffeeshop's 2nd-anniversary celebration.  Mike Roots headlined the show on Saturday, June 3, which featured a few of Kaffa's regular performers and some newcomers (like Dom) who were invited to "impress the judges," so to speak.  Dom played the standard introduce-yourself-to-the-new-audience pair of "Hum a Few Bars" and "Not Supposed to Like," and then fingerpicked "Taxi" and closed with "Prettiest Girl in the Bar."

Dom must've done OK, because he'll have the chance to join another multi-performer slate in July and possibly headline shortly after that.  Whoo, Philly!  Here we come!

The Kaffa audition preceded a trip to Crescent Moon in Mullica Hill, N.J., four days later for a Project Hope fundraiser.  Local rising talent Gene Shepherd opened the music portion of the benefit, followed by guest speaker Rob Rider, and then back to the music with Erik Mitchell, Kris Noyes and finally, Dom.

The Wednesday-evening benefit gave Dom a chance to drop off posters for the
Along the Way CD Release Concert, scheduled to take place at Crescent Moon in less than three weeks (time flies!).  If you're in Mullica Hill between now and the 25th, stop by Crescent Moon and get a look at the full-color gig posters in the window -- the same posters that are part of the giveaways to all attendees at the CD Release Concert!

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