2006 (July - Sep.)
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Sep. 10:  WSTW spins 'WP' to mark 9/11
On the eve of the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks, WSTW 93.7 FM in Wilmington, Del., played two songs during the Hometown Heroes show to mark the occasion.

One of those was Dom's "Walk Peacefully," broadcast immediately after DJ Mark Rogers signed on Sunday night for the weekly program.  Mark gave a lengthy introduction to the song and mentioned the previous day's benefit show for the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund that Dom participated in.

The song sounded great over the airwaves!

Sep. 6:  'Walk Peacefully' project finished
Two occurrences crashed together this summer, resulting in a special song being recorded.

In July, Dom was contacted by Art Perry of South Jersey rock band The Essentials about performing at a benefit show for the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund (CSFRF).  Of course, Dom accepted ... and then tried to think of a theme-appropriate song or two to play at the special concert.

Right around that same time, a friend named Julie Ross showed Dom a poem called "The Soldiers Poem."  This bit of verse had been circulating among U.S. military personnel since at least as far back as Word War II.  Almost immediately upon reading it, Dom found the writing to be very much like a folk ballad and wondered if it would make a good song.

Well, put two and two together and you get "Walk Peacefully," a new song that was ready (thankfully) in plenty of time to make the planned playlist for the Sep. 9 CFSRF event.  Dom tested the new tune at a couple of informal performances and then included it at featured shows Aug. 25 (the Art Loft in Pitman, N.J.) and Aug. 26 (Crescent Moon in Mullica Hill, N.J.).  The listeners seemed to enjoy the tune.

But having a new staple for live shows is only part of the story.  Dom also contacted Jamie Myerson, who was the uber-engineer for Along the Way, and scheduled enough time over the course of three afternoons to produce a recorded version of "Walk Peacefully."  Hence, there's something to hear on MySpace and GarageBand (and download, too!).

The instrumentation and production was kept rather simple and organic.  And (thankfully), Jamie became more than an engineer for this project, sharing with Dom the roles of producer and performer (the beautifully riveting snare-drum march).

July 30:  Radio Ain't So Small After All
WSTW (93.7 FM) in Wilmington, Del., became the first radio station to broadcast one of Dom's songs!

"Ain't So Small After All" received airplay at about 10:20 p.m. on Sunday, July 30, 2006, during WSTW's popular weekly show Hometown Heroes.

Mark Rogers hosts the program, which runs from 9 to 11 p.m. each Sunday and covers artists in WSTW's broadcast area of parts of Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland.  Mark received a press kit with a copy of
Along the Way earlier that same week and decided to put ASSAA on the air the first available Sunday.

Mark also gave Dom a lengthy introduction and described Dom by saying, "He's got that balladeer Shawn Mullins thing to him;  a cool, gravely voice like Tom Waits."

Visit WSTW online at
www.wstw.com, where you listen to live streaming audio of WSTW programming over the internet.  So, even if you're out of range or simply getting uneven reception on your radio, you can still listen to all the station's shows, including the buzz-creating Hometown Heroes every Sunday night.  Information on contacting WSTW, including the song request phoneline/e-mail (hint *wink* hint), is at the bottom of the home page.

You can also download episodes of Hometown Heroes in 30-minute podcast chunks for up to two weeks after the air date (so, you've got until Aug. 13 to get the July 30 show with Dom's debut).  Click the Hometown Heroes link from the WSTW home page for show information, podcasts, and the e-mail addresses of Mark Rogers and the producer of Hometown Heroes, Jason Thomas.  If you enjoy the Hometown Heroes radio program, send a message to Mark and/or Jason and let them know!  They appreciate the kudos.

And if you'd like to hear Dom's music again on Hometown Heroes, definitely drop them a line!

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