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Nov. 24:  Brewed bash; new harmonica
Dom welcomes a fourth harmonica into the stable:  this one is in the key of D and arrived on the Friday of Thanksgiving weekend.

The present comes courtesy of Kris Noyes, who gave Dom the new instrument for his birthday.  But, Kris had an ulterior motive.  By giving Dom a harmonica in a new key, it would enable more collaborations between the two.  As Kris explained, "I play a lot of songs in 'D.' "
Well, wouldn't you know it, a jam took place on that very day!  Coincidence?

Kris turned his scheduled show for the 24th into an all-star party at Brewed Attitude in Hamilton, N.J.  And Dom was one of many invited guests.  Kris brought along old bandmate from college, Lisa, to sing on a few tunes.  The gang from BackYard also showed up for some collaborative efforts, and Linsey Snyder did four songs solo on piano.  Dom got to jam on harmonica with Kris on a handful of numbers.

Nov. 5:  Clothing drive organizer gives update
A note from Karen Race, who organized this Sunday-evening charity clothing drive at Crossroads Coffeehouse in Philadelphia:

Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone who played, swapped clothes, helped out or just hung out tonight at Crossroads! It was a lot of fun, and we hope to do it again. Special thanks to the great musicians who donated their time. We bagged about 6 huge trashbags of clothes for charity, so I am super happy about that - that's what it's all about, after all!

In addition to meeting Karen and husband Ira (a guitarist for the Cabin Dogs), Dom also met Cabin Dogs founders, brothers Rich and Rob Kwait, among other musicians and donors gathered for the event.

Oct. 27:  A month's worth of odds-n-ends
Dom made a long-anticipated (for him, at least) return to a Philadelphia Songwriters Alliance event on the final Friday of October.  Arlon Bennett, Joe Mahon and Kenn Pierog headlined the round-robin house concert in Cherry Hill at the home of PSA member Janet Sclaroff (whose home is the regular stop for the PSA concert series on the Jersey side of the river).

Dom has been a member of PSA since April, when he joined after attending a similar intimate concert at the same location as Friday's show.  But, due to schedule conflicts, he hadn't been able to go to the summer house concert in Cherry Hill.  It was great to re-meet many people.

Besides hearing the great music of the featured performers, Dom got a chance to join the "open chair" round and played "Wish You Were Here."  Just about everyone in attendance -- including Arlon, Joe and Kenn -- joined in the singing for the final chorus.

The PSA event and resulting performance was the last informal live appearance of a month with more than its share of them.  Other surprise, impromptu and/or supporting appearances for October:

-- A few days before the PSA event, Dom went see a show by one of the founders of the PSA:  Erik Balkey.  Dom and Erik met a couple of years ago when they crossed paths at Coffee Works in Voorhees, N.J., where each performs regularly.  Erik, a traveling musician who literally lives "on the road," was back at Coffee Works on Wednesday, Oct. 25, and asked Dom to play three songs during intermission.  Glad to do it!

-- Dom opened a three-performer show on Friday the 13th at Glazing Grays in Pitman, N.J.  But the best part wasn't performing;  it was hearing headliner Craig Simon play and sing an hour's worth of his original songs.  Craig and Dom met a few years ago through Tom Gillam, whose band features Craig on lead guitar.  But Craig is much more than an axe-wielder;  he's a fine songwriter and singer, and performs magnificently when left by himself with an acoustic guitar, too!

-- A few hours before
Dom's all-nighter at the Parkway Room on Saturday, Oct. 7, he popped up a few blocks away in Philadelphia for an outdoor neighborhood party hosted by blues band Route 66.  Dom and Route 66 member David Reichenbacher have been friends since they met as musicians in 2002.  Not only was it kind of them to invite Dom to their block party, but they asked him to perform during each of two intermissions.  A few gracious neighbors even showed up at the Parkway Room later that night!

-- The month's stage-time began when Dom hurried from a meeting to catch the last hour of his friend Kris Noyes' show at Coffee Works on Friday, Oct. 6.  Dom had the harmonicas on him, so Kris asked him to sit in for a few songs.  Fun doing that again!

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