April 1, 2006
Connie's Cafe
Laurel Springs, N.J.

Audience participation in the third hour led to an interesting setlist.  Some repeat show attendees were in the audience, so Dom invited them to play a game called "Album, New Album, or No Album."  Someone would choose one of those three options, and then Dom would pull out a song either from
Lightning Struck ("Album"), the current not-quite-finished recording project ("New Album") or something not recorded yet ("No Album").

Sound like fun?  It was!

Of course, Dom can't remember all the songs performed during the game, nor the order.

Actually, the whole show list is kind of sketchy.  But there were a few groups of songs that were purposeful.

In the first set, Dom played "Bright, Full Moon" and followed it with the two Bob Dylan songs vaguely referenced in the lyrics ("Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" and "Like a Rollin' Stone").

In the second hour, Dom did a couple of songs written by his friend Tom Gillam, a musician who suffered an illness recently that will keep him from performing for a while.  Tom and his band Tractor Pull have had songs get national radio airplay on Americana-format stations.  Dom played his own song, "Ain't So Small After All" -- which features a reference to "a band called Tractor Pull" -- and then covered a pair of Tom Gillam tunes, "Dallas" and "We Won't Look Back."  Get well soon, Tom!

The rest of the show ... your guess is as good as anyone else's (Dom will try to follow his setlist next time and not lose the paper with all the songs written on it).

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