May 27, 2006
Brewed Attitude
Hamilton, N.J.

Dom returned to this Central Jersey coffeeshop under much better conditions than his first show there last month.  In April, the performance was on the night with the worst weather of the month.  So, this was already a better show because the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend was sunny and around 80 degrees (even at the 8 p.m. showtime).

This was a two-hour show, but Dom did three short sets with short breaks in between, rather than two long sets with a longer intermission.  The flow of the show seemed to be a little better this way.  It also gave Dom an easy way to break up the three "sing-along" covers planned for the evening by including one per set.

Dom debuted one original song on this night:  a blues number called "Lonelier to Stay" in Set 3.

          - - Set 1 - -

Hum a Few Bars
          Good Shepherd Sunday
          Always on My Mind
(Willie Nelson cover)
          Makin' Good Time
          Not Supposed to Like

- - Set 2 - -
          Fast Asleep
          Bright, Full Moon
          Like a Rollin' Stone
(Bob Dylan cover)
          Cat Out of Water
          One of These Days
          Prettiest Girl in the Bar

- - Set 3 - -
          It Ain't Too Far Down
          You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
(Beatles cover)
          Lonelier to Stay
          Two Lights at a Time

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