Oct. 20, 2006
Coffee Works
Voorhees, N.J.

Dom accidentally set off the fire alarm.  Three big firetrucks came with all the lights flashing.  Best show ever!  'Nuff said.

- - Set 1 (ROCK) - -
Good Shepherd Sunday
          Bright, Full Moon
          Like a Rolliní Stone
(Bob Dylan cover)
          It Ainít Too Far Down
(Jimmy Buffett cover)
          I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
(U2 cover)
          Beginner's Luck
          Perfectly Good Guitar
(John Hiatt cover)
          Prettiest Girl in the Bar
          Ain't Even Done with Tonight
(John Mellencamp cover)

- - Set 2 (FOLK) - -
Say Hi to Angeloís
          Fast Asleep
          Where Do the Children Play
(Cat Stevens cover)
          Not Supposed to Like
          This Land Is Your Land
(Woody Guthrie cover)
          Wish You Were Here
          Youíve Got to Hide Your Love Away
(Beatles cover)
          Walk Peacefully

- - Set 3 (BLUES) - -
Eight Bars of Blues
          Texas Flood
(Stevie Ray Vaughan cover)
          Blueberry Wine
          Heartbreak Hotel
(Elvis Presley cover)
          Life by the Drop
(Stevie Ray Vaughan cover)
          Cat Out of Water
          The Thrill Is Gone
(B.B. King cover)
          Lost Along the Way

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