Dec. 22, 2006
Coffee Works
Voorhees, N.J.

The first of two big shows on Christmas weekend occurred on a rainy (not snowy) Friday night.  A couple of seasonal songs appeared during the Folk hour:  the Dylan-esque "New Year" and the traditional gospel song "Amazing Grace."

Dom got a request for an original song, "If I Get There First," and tacked it near the end of the Rock hour.  Those of you who remember that old tune as a fingerpicked, quiet song, might wonder how it got into a mix of rock songs.  Well, a few months ago, Dom tried it as a strummed song with a slightly quicker tempo and liked it better that way.  So now it can disguise itself as a rockin' song (although it isn't heavy).

Also, the Rock hour had a timeline of sorts with the covers, starting with a song from the 1960s and featuring a tune from each of the next three decades in chronological order.

- - Set 1 (ROCK) - -
Bright, Full Moon
          Good Shepherd Sunday
          Like a Rolliní Stone
(Bob Dylan cover)
          Beginnerís Luck
          American Girl
(Tom Petty cover)
          One of These Days
          Atlantic City
(Bruce Springsteen cover)
          Prettiest Girl in the Bar
          Good Riddance
(Greenday cover)
          If I Get There First
          Not Really

- - Set 2 (FOLK) - -
Say Hi to Angeloís
          Party of One
          This Land Is Your Land
(Woody Guthrie cover)
          Not Supposed to Like
          The Times They Are A-Changiní
(Bob Dylan cover)
          New Year
          Where Do the Children Play
(Cat Stevens cover)
          The Song with the Cheesy Rhymes
          Amazing Grace
          Wish You Were Here

- - Set 3 (BLUES) - -
Eight Bars of Blues
          Hoochie-Coochie Man
(Muddy Waters cover)
          Sweet Ann-Marie
          Killin' Floor
(Howlin' Wolf cover)
          Cat Out of Water
          The Thrill Is Gone
(B.B. King cover)
          Blueberry Wine
          Lost Along the Way

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