2007 (Jan. - Apr.)
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Feb. 24:  Songwriters org. holds seminar
Dom delivered a presentation on "Using Performance as a Vehicle for Promotion" during the first-ever informational seminar hosted by the Cumberland County Songwriters Guild.

Members of the South Jersey-based group voted to select seminar themes and asked fellow members Dom and Joe Kozak to lead the Saturday event.  Both performing musicians and recording artists, Dom and Joe spoke about their experience marketing and promoting their songs, and also publishing and copyrighting their music.

Dom focused on how he uses his own live performances and as his primary means to showcase his songwriting to people.  He also addressed radio submissions and the use of networking websites that cater to independent music.

The CCSG, a non-profit organization, was formed in 2006 to promote original music and those who create it in the Cumberland County, N.J., vicinity.

Feb. 11:  Dom wins three 'Homey' Awards
Delaware's largest radio station presented its answer to the Grammys during this Sunday's edition of the weekly "Hometown Heroes" program.

The Homey Awards were voted by listeners and announced by DJ Mark Rogers to recognize the best independent music in the WSTW (93.7 FM) broadcast area, which includes Delaware, eastern Pennsylvania, eastern Maryland and southern New Jersey.  WSTW is located in Wilmington, Del.

Dom won the major award for Best Male Singer/Songwriter, and a couple of quirky awards also went his way.  "Hugs and Kisses" won Best Song with a Title Not Found in the Lyrics and was played during the awards broadcast.  And in the wardrobe categories, Dom won Best Hat!

Only music released in 2006 was eligible for the 2007 Homey Awards.  Dom put out a full-length album,
Along the Way, and the single, "Walk Peacefully," during the calendar year.

Jan. 12:  Meet the new boss
As Mel Brooks wrote in a movie, "It's good to be the king."

No kings around these parts, but being the new mayor is still pretty darn cool!

Mike Koestler was elected mayor of Harrison Twp. and held his inaugural party at Blueplate in Mullica Hill on this Friday night.  And Dom was the live entertainment.

Chef Jim served up half a dozen courses at his year-old restaurant, while about 45 guests celebrated Mayor Koestler's new job.  Dessert was accompanied by a couple of hours of Dom playing and singing, and taking a few requests.

Once all the guests left, the real fun began:  sampling all the leftover desserts (well, it would be a shame if they had to throw them out!).  Chef Jim Malaby even filled a large take-out container for Dom to bring home, including six maple chocolate things, a big cake chocolate thing, a pastry chocolate thing with banana, and a couple fo raspberry things with nuts (those aren't the official names, but you get the idea).  The things barely survived the rest of the weekend in Dom's apartment.

Congratulations and thanks to Mayor Koestler!  (and thanks to Chef Jim, too!)

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