Mar. 3, 2007
Brewed Attitude
Hamilton, N.J.

Dom's first trip of the year to Central Jersey occurred during the same week as what would've been Johnny Cash's 75th birthday.  To mark the occasion, the second hour included the song that Cash called his biggest hit ("I Walk the Line") followed by a song he recorded after forming a friendship with Bob Dylan ("Don't Think Twice, It's Alright").

This was also Dom's first long featured show since winning the 2007 WSTW Homey Award for Best Male Singer/Songwriter;  therefore, this became the first show at which to blab about it.  And blab about it.  And blab about it.  OK, maybe there wasn't THAT much blabbing about it, but it sure was fun to be able to say it into a microphone.

          - - Set 1 - -
Good Shepherd Sunday
          It Ainít Too Far Down
          Wild World
(Cat Stevens cover)
          Youíve Got to Hide Your Love Away
(Beatles cover)
          Ain't So Small After All
          Bright, Full Moon
          Like a Rollin' Stone
(Bob Dylan cover)
          Wish You Were Here

- - Set 2 - -
Two Lights at a Time
          Say Hi to Angelo's
          I Walk the Line
(Johnny Cash cover)
          Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
(Bob Dylan cover)
          Blueberry Wine
          Thunder Road
(Bruce Springsteen cover)
          The Song with the Cheesy Rhymes
          Not Really
          Lost Along the Way

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