2008 (July - Dec.)
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Dec. 21:  Podcast on food, wine & hospitality
Dom was interviewed recently by
David J. Long for his weekly podcast. The episode was posted at the Home & Towne website -- www.homeandtowne.com -- and through the show's subscription feed in the podcast section of Apple iTunes.  The program title is "Happy Holidays and Getaway for Yourself."

David is a former award-winning gourmet chef who crossed over into media and now is both a publisher and broadcaster in the field of food, wine and hospitality. This is your chance to hear Dom pretending he knows something about wine! There's also some music from Dom's album, Along the Way, and discussion about performing live in restaurant settings. The show is co-hosted by
Carmine Verrecchia, a wine expert and president of Terranova, a Philadelphia-based importer of fine wine.

Dec. 6:  Dom joins ReverbNation
Members of Dom's e-mailing list will soon have a better way to receive announcements. Dom created an official profile at ReverbNation, a website that offers group e-mailing and the ability to offer extra opportunities (like free song downloads) to those on the list.

Nov. 11:  A message for Veterans Day
Dom posted a bulletin from both of his MySpace Music pages on Nov. 11 to mark Veterans Day. After being asked to make the short essay available in a more permanent form, Dom decided to reprint it here on the website. The piece was entitled, "The Irony of Veterans Day":

November 11, 1918, was the cease-fire conclusion to "The War to End All Wars." Many years -- and many wars -- later, we honor our combat veterans on the anniversary of the day that was supposed to make all of them unemployed.

The world is not a hostile place. The world is a good place, but with certain hostile people in positions of power who express their poorer selves in extreme manners. Please be thankful that we have many people -- real people -- willing to make the real sacrifices necessary to protect our freedom-infused way of life against threats to us and our like-minded allies.

November 11 is not a day set aside to remember our veterans, because no such set-aside is necessary. EVERY DAY should be a day to remember our veterans and those still serving in our military. November 11 is actually a day to remember that much of western civilization once thought veterans would become extinct. I am simultaneously sad and thankful that much of western civilization was wrong.

Happy Veterans Day to all who served honorably and all who continue to serve.

Hope you enjoyed it! And please keep our veterans and active-duty military personnel in your prayers and thoughts.

July 19:  Radio exposes Dom's British leanings
Cheerio, old chap!

Dom was honored to be the first guest in the Summer Concert Series on WGLS Saturday-morning staple, "The British Invasion / Beatles Brunch," hosted by
Sammy Pepper. WGLS is the radio station of Rowan University in Glassboro, N.J., and this marked the second time Dom appeared on one of the station's programs (the first was "The American Dream" talk show in December 2006).

The format for this particular show is British pop/rock music from the Beatles through the present. Such a structure allowed Dom to connect some of his music with those British artists who helped shape rock-n-roll. Dom performed three songs in the studio -- the Beatles' "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" and originals "The Song with the Cheesy Rhymes" and "When I Get Back" -- and spoke about the influence of Cat Stevens and Rod Stewart on his music. For instance, Dom told how listening to Stevens do his own backing vocals on the album Tea for the Tillerman prompted Dom to try the same type of arrangement on many of his own recordings. Sammy then spun the recorded version of Dom's "Hugs and Kisses" after Stevens' classic "Longer Boats," in which the British pop star recorded multiple vocal parts himself to sound like a one-man choir.

Sammy also had plenty of prepared questions, which took the interview in various directions. Listeners to the two-hour episode found out about Dom's movie and TV preferences, heard a mention of Dom's regular weekly meal at Angelo's Diner, and even got to hear Dom do a killer British accent! A few lines from the movie Caddyshack got in there, as did Alf and baseball star Mike Piazza.

The bulk of the show was British music, including a few artists from Dom's personal collection (Stevens, Stewart, Dire Straits) and multiple Beatles songs. The show's longstanding format provided a big challenge for Dom to relate his own music to the work of British celebrities, but it was welcome opportunity to discuss aspects of his music that often go uncovered.

"The British Invasion / Beatles Brunch" can be heard Saturdays from 10 a.m. to noon local time on WGLS 89.7 FM, or via online streaming from

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