Feb. 1, 2008
Newark, Del.

A message from a friend a few days earlier led to Dom being the first performer in the new Friday music series at a hidden-away tavern in Delaware.  Dave Muddiman was the lead sound tech at the previous summer's Delmarva Operation America Rising, and he and Dom kept in touch.  When Dave was asked to be the talent buyer for Cunningham's Irish Pub and needed a solo artist for the first Friday night of music, he contacted Dom and the gig was confirmed right away.

Cunningham's is located around the back of a small retail strip -- you probably won't find it unless you know already know it's back there -- but it attracts a friendly crowd that likes to hang out.  Dave had printed a flyer for the Friday show with Dom's picture on it, and the bar regulars must've paid attention;  as soon as Dom walked through the front door, a number of people including owner Mike Cunningham greeted him by name.

What followed was a heaping bowl of pasta and grilled chicken with Mike's famous alfredo sauce, and then three hours of music.  Dom was glad to work again with Dave, who has a well-earned reputation as one of the top live sound techs in the Delaware Valley.  All told, this was a fantastic first trip to Cunningham's.  Hopefully, Mike's effort to include live music in his business will be worth it for him and his customers.

- - Set 1 - -
Good Shepherd Sunday
          Bright, Full Moon
          Like a Rollin’ Stone
(Bob Dylan cover)
          Eight Bars of Blues
          Go Deep
          I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
(U2 cover)
          When I Get Back
          Bad Moon Rising
(Credence Clearwater Revival cover)
          Wheel of Fortune

- - Set 2 - -
Prettiest Girl in the Bar
          The Times, They Are A-Changin'
(Bob Dylan)
          Good or Lucky
          Atlantic City
(Bruce Springsteen cover)
          Remember Me
          You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
(Beatles cover)
          Lost Along the Way

- - Set 3 - -
Blow Away
          Movin' On
          Tupelo Honey
(Van Morrison cover)
          Cat Out of Water
          Cold Pizza
(Tom Petty cover)
          The Song with the Cheesy Rhymes
          Not Really

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