May 10, 2008
Port of Call
Maurice River, N.J.

Dom had played this restaurant two weeks earlier with a "play it by ear" list of songs.  The night went well enough, and the owner asked Dom back on the second Saturday in May (this time, with a prepared playlist, having gotten a sense of the venue the previous visit).

All originals, with an extra long set while people were enjoying dinner, and then an encore of sorts for the few late-nighters enjoying dessert.  One song on the list was "Port of Call" which grew out of a semi-dare two weeks earlier, to write a song with that phrase as a key line in the lyrics (the other half of the challenge was to write a song that mentions monsters -- success on both counts!).  You might here "Port of Call" at any performance where a song about friendship and cameraderie would fit ... so, basically, it could pop up anywhere.

"Gettin' So Big" also jumped into the mix when some families with small children visited for dinner.

- - Set 1 - -
Beginner's Luck
          Ain't So Small After All
          Gettin' So Big
          Bright, Full Moon
          Fast Asleep
          Cat Out of Water
          Proud of Him
          Good or Lucky
          Port of Call
          Good Shepherd Sunday
          Say Hi to Angelo's
          Eight Bars of Blues
          Hugs and Kisses

- - Encore - -
          The Song with the Cheesy Rhymes
          Out of My Mind
          When I Get Back

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