June 5, 2010
New Castle Farm Mkt.
New Castle, Del.

Dom returned to this landmark farmers' market on the first Saturday following Memorial Day. Though not officially summer, the hot, humid weather had arrived, and the indoor market was a welcome setting.

Dare of the Day: A family came by the Market Stage during the third hour, all with what appeared to be corn cobs on sticks, and when Dom inquired about the delicacy, one of them asked, "You got any songs about corn on a stick?" We'll look into it ...

- - Set 1 - -
Port of Call
Bright, Full Moon
Like a Rolliní Stone (Bob Dylan cover)
The Thrill Is Gone (B.B. King cover)
Blueberry Wine
This Land Is Your Land (Woody Guthrie cover)
Hugs and Kisses
Cold Pizza

- - Set 2 - -
Say Hi to Angeloís
Brand New Skin
Glory Days (Bruce Springsteen cover)
Blow Away
Texas Flood (Stevie Ray Vaughan cover)
Lost Along the Way
The Way You Look Tonight (Frank Sinatra cover)
My Shoes Are Loaded
When I Get Back

- - Set 3 - -
The Song with the Cheesy Rhymes
Prettiest Girl in the Bar
Heart of Gold (Neil Young cover)
Eight Bars of Blues
Mustang Sally (Wilson Pickett cover)
Blue and Black
The Weight (The Band cover)
Ainít So Small, After All
Not Really

- - Set 4 - -
Wish You Were Here
I Swear I Can Explain
Margaritaville (Jimmy Buffett cover)
Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis Presley cover)
Cat Out of Water
Always on My Mind (Willie Nelson cover)
Proud of Him
Good Shepherd Sunday

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