June 12, 2010
Home Grown Cafe
Newark, Del.

A late addition to the gig calendar, Dom did a fill-in performance at his favorite restaurant/bar in the college town. The venue was expectedly lighter on the college crowd, a few weeks after the spring semester ended, but there were enough patrons hanging out to make it a good "almost summer" Saturday night.

With most of the customers packed into the half of the restaurant nearest to the bar, it was an appropriate setting to debut "The Bar Side of the Room," near the close of the first set.

- - Set 1 - -
Port of Call
Bright, Full Moon
Like a Rolliní Stone (Bob Dylan cover)
Good Talker
Cat Out of Water
Mustang Sally (Wilson Pickett cover)
Lost Along the Way
This Land Is Your Land (Woody Guthrie cover)
The Bar Side of the Room
When I Get Back

- - Set 2 - -
The Song with the Cheesy Rhymes
Prettiest Girl in the Bar
Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen cover)
Blueberry Wine
The Thrill Is Gone (B.B. King cover)
Eight Bars of Blues
Cold Pizza
Youíve Got to Hide Your Love Away (Beatles cover)
But I Mind
Beginnerís Luck

- - Set 3 - -
On My Way
Good Shepherd Sunday
Heart of Gold (Neil Young cover)
I Swear I Can Explain
Lonelier to Stay
Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis Presley cover)
My Shoes Are Loaded
Margaritaville (Jimmy Buffett cover)
Brand New Skin
Rest My Eyes

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