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Bus Stop Music Cafe bids fond farewell to fans
OCT. 31, 2012 -- Pitman, N.J., music venue the Bus Stop Music Cafe closed its doors for good at the end of October. Owner Vic Martinson posted a gracious farewell on the cafe's Facebook page and said he plans to retire.

Dom hosted the open mic at this budding venue from September 2006 until the former record store completed renovations and reopened as a full-service restaurant in May 2008. During and after its transformation, the Bus Stop ushered in a resurgence in the performance arts in the tiny borough, providing a frequent venue for live music. The Bus Stop also spearheaded and served as an anchor location for downtown Pitman retail promotions like holiday and seasonal festivals and the monthly Fourth Friday extravaganzas.

Many thanks and fond memories to Vic and the old crew at the Bus Stop, and best wishes for whatever you do next!

Songwriter Night offers cajun, creole, comedy ... and Dom
JUNE 14, 2012 -- Nora Lees French Quarter Bistro launched a Songwriter Night on Thursdays in June, featuring three regional artists combining for a three-hour show. Dom played the second weekly installment, sharing the stage time with Todd Chappelle and Crabmeat Thompson.

The show was bookended by the comedy stylings of Todd, who led off, and Crabmeat, who played the final set. Dom played the middle 45-minute set, featuring a few songs from Along the Way ("Good Shepherd Sunday," "Not Really," "The Song with the Cheesy Rhymes" and "Lost Along the Way"), two blues songs ("Cold" and "Eight Bars of Blues"), two songs from the Remember Me EP ("When I Get Back" and "Proud of Him") with a mention of June 14 being Flag Day, and "The Bar Side of the Room."

Nora Lees has been open about a year in the historic section of New Castle, less than two blocks from the Delaware River. The restaurant and bar is done in a New Orleans theme, and the menu is cajun and creole (Dom enjoyed the alligator sausage jumbalaya!). Find more about Nora Lees at www.noralees.com.

Springing ahead with CSJ at HGC
MAR. 10, 2012 -- Friends and fine folk-rockers Chapel Street Junction invited Dom to be their supporting act at Home Grown Cafe on the night the clocks jumped forward for Spring.

Dom has shared the billing with CSJ several times over the years, and at no venue more frequently than Home Grown Cafe, a friendly restaurant/bar bordering the University of Delaware. On this Saturday night, the headliners played a solid hour before taking an intermission. During the band's break, 10 not-yet-recorded Dom songs flew through the speakers before the set finished with "Not Really" and "When I Get Back." CSJ returned for another packed hour of modern bluegrass and uptempo folk-inspired tunes until the bar closed.

Always fun to perform at the coolest place in college town. Always fun to see the fellas in CSJ. Even better to do both at the same time.

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