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Dom pulls into the Garage

Dom joined GarageBand.com, and his first posted song, "Not Supposed to Like," reached its
peak on the Folk/Country charts at No. 44 out of more than 300 songs in the song contest!  In the all-time charts, the tune's ranking topped out at No. 135 out of more than 4,200 Folk/Country songs -- not bad for a hybrid folk-rock song in a category dominated by country tunes.  Check out Dom's GarageBand page by
clicking here.

In fact, "Not Supposed to Like" received such an overwhelming response from other GarageBand members, it was selected to be the Track of the Day on the Folk/Country main page all day long on Saturday, Nov. 1!

Gettin' the blues

Local electric blues guitarist Steven Paul invited Dom to sit in with him at a rock-n-blues show Saturday, Nov. 1, at Port City Java in Deptford, N.J.  Steven showed an enthusiastic crowd what electric blues music really sounds like!  At least one audience member gave Steven "mad props."

Opening act in upstate N.Y.

Dom would like to thank Missing Marcus for inviting him to open a fantastic show on Friday, Aug. 8, at WowNet Cafe in Ithaca, N.Y.  Dom's friend Erik Frank is the bass player in MM, and Erik is also the one who told Dom about GarageBand (so extra thanks!).  It was fun to bring a little bit of Jersey to the folks in upstate New York ... and it was neat to play "Geneseo" in the region of the country where the song was written.

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