The first photo shoot for Along the Way occurred in early January, 2006, during a work session at Blackwood Recording.

The camera clicking actually began on the drive over to the studio, so there's a few shots taken from inside Dom's Jeep.

These are the
raw scans from the film, dust-&-scratches-&-fingerprints and whatever else Dom did to the negatives.  The only "touch-ups" to these images are cropping out the film frame and sizing to fit the computer screen.

This set doesn't contain all the shots from these rolls of film, but does represent all the frames that were considered at one time or another for inclusion in the CD and/or poster artwork.
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All photos by Grace Reiter:

1. Dom driving, No. 1

2. Dom driving, No. 2

3. View out the Jeep window, No. 1 (used in CD foldout)

4. View out the Jeep window, No. 2

5. View out the Jeep window, No. 3

6. Dom plays the kick drum (used in CD foldout)

7. Dom plays the guitar (used in CD foldout)

8. Dom plays the harmonica (used in CD foldout)

9. Dom plays the piano, No. 1 (used in CD foldout)

10. Dom plays the piano, No. 2

11. Jamie Myerson editing some mess that Dom made

12.  Jamie and Dom (used in CD foldout)

13. Dom talking to Jamie off-camera when he was supposed ot be posing for a headshot ... naturally, this picture looked much better than the real headshots (used for back cover of CD package)
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